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Ask anyone what their favorite thing is in their mobile devices, and they will tell you it is to play games. For the creative minds and people who love simple and adventurous games, the Toca Boca edition from the developer Björn Jeffery Emil Ovemar is the game for you. 

toca boca

Being one of the most popular games, Toca has simple graphics and lots of fun. And the good thing is that you can build your own world with your own imagination. Toca Boca is specially designed for kids.

What is Toca Boca?

Toca Boca is a game developed by Swedish developer Björn Jeffery Emil Ovemar, specially designed for children to explore the world. The user can create their own world and play out any stories they like. However, the developer made this game, keeping in mind both children and adults.

Best Features:

Being one of the legendary games, expect a lot of good features like: 

  • Regular updates.
  • An inventory menu to build anything you want.
  • Indestructible tools.
  • Unlimited breath.
  • Multiple gameplay modes such as creative, survival, and adventure modes. 
  • Many more features.
  • You can create your own world and explore it.

Downloading Toca Boca for iOS:

You can download Toca Boca in AppStore, but the drawback is that you’ll have to pay for it. But why should you when there is an app installer like AppValley? AppValley lets you enjoy playing Toca Boca on your mobile device and at no cost.  

AppValley comes in as a lifesaver as you can download the games at no cost. It is a third-party iOS app installer that enables you to have any tweaked, modified, or unlocked apps on your device for free. You need to download it from your browser, which is also free. Once you have it, open and search Toca on the search button.  

The good thing about AppValley is that you get an unlocked version of the Toca app. That means all the in-app purchases will be enabled automatically without the need to pay for anything.  


  1. Download the app, then head over to your settings. 

2. Tap on profiles and device management. You’ll be presented with lots of other apps you have. 

3. Find Toca and hit the Trust button. You are doing this to access the app.  

Without hitting ‘Trust,’ you will face an Untrusted Developer Issue, and you will not enjoy playing the game. Make sure you confirm the Trust button first. After that, go back to your home screen and click on install the app. Follow the on-screen instructions, wait for a few seconds for the installation process to be complete. You can now comfortably get into the Toca world and create an imaginary place of your own.  

Toca Boca Supported Device:

Toca Boca is available on App Store and Play Store. You can play it on both Android and iOS devices. To play Toca on your PC or Mac, you need to install an Emulator first.

Toca Boca Available Apps:

  1. Toca Life: World
  2. Toca Hair Salon
  3. Toca Dance
  4. Toca Kitchen
  5. Toca Mini
  6. Toca Pet Doctor
  7. Toca cars
  8. Toca Builders
  9. Toca Tailor
  10. Toca Band
  11. Toca Train
  12. Toca House
  13. Toca Birthday Party
  14. Toca Tea party
  15. Toca Doctor and more.


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