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The Apple’s App Store has many limitations. Apple users are not able to download many of the popular iOS apps because the App Store doesn’t have them. However, with the help of AppEven, you no longer need to worry in this regard. You’d be able to find and download some of the most popular iOS apps which are no longer available on the App Store. The following points will shed more light on this topic, specially about AppEven which is available for iOS 12.

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Enhance Your Access:

AppEven (About ) is a popular app installer. It has a large collection of new and modified iOS apps. Many iOS users miss out on these apps only because they aren’t available on the App Store. AppEven lets you access these apps and download the same. The developers release new updates on a regular basis so the users don’t have to worry about missing out on new releases. It’s a reputed installer and it’s gaining popularity constantly.

There wouldn’t be any risks of safety too because the regular updates get rid of the bugs and fix any errors. That is why AppEven is one of the best solutions in the current market.

Better Control on Your Phone:

You’ll be able to download many new and modified apps, which you weren’t able to download before. You’ll be able to listen to music for free through the modified version of Spotify. Similarly, there are many other new apps which can improve the appearance of the phone and help you personalize it. You can also enhance the overall performance of the phone through these apps.

Easy to Install:

You wouldn’t have to go through much hassle in order to download AppEven for iOS 12. Just because it isn’t available on the App Store, it doesn’t mean you have to go through a long process. The installation process is quite simple and easy to comprehend. To make sure that you don’t experience any difficulty, we have provided installation instructions on the website too.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the installation in any way. Moreover, it’s completely safe. We make sure that you don’t face any difficulty due to the application or the website.

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How to Download AppEven on iOS 12 Device:

iOS 12 is no farther to access, you might have updated your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12, now what you are looking for is that suitable apps and games not on App Store even without paying for any. AppEven let you get installed the same following few steps, in that case first you have to download AppEven on your device. When you have installed AppEven it is as easy as installing any other apps from the AppEven Store.

Configuration Profile Link

Tap on the above Configuration Profile link and follow the step by step procedure to get it installed on your device.

Available on AirShou:

AppEven is available to download on AirShou. You can get this app installer through the official website. The download process is quite simple. Visit the homepage to find out more about the other apps present on the website.


As you can see, there are many benefits to downloading AppEven. It gives you access to new and modified iOS apps and it solves the problem, which most iOS users face. You wouldn’t have to worry about compromising safety by using an unknown app installer too. Apart from that, downloading the app isn’t a hard task. You can get it on AirShou.

If you face any difficulties while downloading or finding the app, you can choose to contact the support staff. Additionally, if you have any queries, feel free to get in touch on Facebook.

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