Much of the content we download off the internet comes from torrents. Considering we spend more time with our mobile devices nowadays, the need for an app like the iTransmission was inevitable. This app allows iOS users to efficiently and safely download torrents at any time. To get it on your device, you first need the services of Emus4u.


What is Emus4u?

Emus4u is a 3rd party app installer that grants users access to thousands of tweaked or modified apps and games. Some of the apps don’t come balanced enough setting-wise for many users, and it’s otherwise difficult to modify or change these settings on their own. Emus4u ( About )is a platform created to address this issue and ensure users can access apps modified for optimum use and enjoyment by users.

Getting Emus4u on Your Device:

Follow the steps shown below to download and install Emus4u on your iOS device:

  1. Open Safari browser and go to the Emus4u Download page.
  2. Click the download tab, and on the download page after that, tap the link to download the app. A prompt will appear on your screen; tap on ‘Allow.’
  3. This action directs you to your phone’s settings panel. Tap the ‘Install’ option. The phone will prompt your phone’s passcode to verify your decision.
  4. Tap on the ‘Install’ option that pops up on the prompt following the above step to confirm the process.
  5. Next, tap ‘Done,’ and Emus4u’s is successfully installed. You can now launch the app from its icon.

Installing iTransmission from Emus4u:

To install iTransmission using Emus4u, follow these steps:

1. Launch Emus4u by tapping on its icon.

2. Once opened, select the ‘Apps’ category.

3. On the search bar on the following page, type ‘iTransmission’ and hit search.

4. Scroll through the results and locate them. Then tap ‘Get’ next to it, which promptly downloads and installs the app to your device.

5. You are done and can now start using iTransmission to download torrents.

Enjoy iTransmission on your iOS device

iTransmission is a native Bit torrent client that offers many merits for its iOS users. Some of them include:

  • Supporting downloads over both Wi-Fi and phone data connections.
  • Downloaded files can be appropriately saved or moved to other locations on the phone.
  • It supports downloading in the background, which means you can use your phone for other stuff as downloads progress.
  • iTransmission has an inbuilt browser to allow faster searching and adding torrents for downloads.

With these advantages, it’s easy to see why it’s a hit for many iOS users. Try it out today and download all the content you need! Connect with us on Facebook to know more.

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