There are over 2000 unique apps listed on Tweakbox and the only way to access them is to get your Tweakbox download. It is easy and fast to download regardless of the platform you are using. This tutorial is however geared towards assisting iOS 13 users to get the app running. That’s right, TweakBox iOS 13 is now out!


TweakBox Install on iOS 8 to iOS 13:

Install TweakBox

Tweakbox download is available on iOS 13 like on other major platforms. It is fully compatible and updated to work on iOS 13. Installing it gives you access to premium-grade applications on your device including your favorite games. On Tweakbox, the apps are separated into 4 categories for ease of access.

Follow the instructions below to install and troubleshoot your TweakBox iOS 13 installation.

  1. Ensure you have a strong internet connection to enable you to download the configuration file easily.

2. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari browser and navigate to the TweakBox download page, scroll down and find the download button- it should be easy to find. Clicking on the button will take you to a new TweakBox web page where you need to click on another install link. This will allow the profile to download safely on your smartphone.

3. Click on the close button that appears when the download completes and opens the settings app.

4. While in the settings app, find the section named general and open it.

5. Click on the device management label and find the profiles section. Here, you will find the recent TweakBox download. Tap on the profile and then tap install. Note that you may need to enter your passkey to complete this step.

6. When settings re-opens, select install, next then done to finalize the installation. In a few seconds, the Tweakbox app will appear on your home page. In some rare cases, you may need to repeat the steps to get the app to work on your device.

You are good to go!

 Apps Category:

  • The first category holds apps and games from respective official app stores.
  •  Second and the most useful category holds exclusive app deals, these are apps that will never see the front of the store but are still useful to different users in different ways.
  • The third and fourth categories will give you access to tweaked apps and modded games. Some of the apps and games in the third and fourth categories are free versions of paid counterparts that are available from the official stores.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it work on iOS 13?

Yes, it has been updated and improved to work efficiently on iOS 13. The installation is easy and you will find it simple especially if you have previously installed any version of Tweakbox on an iPhone or iPad. The installation process is almost the same.

Does TweakBox collect personal data?

No, it is safe and secure to use. We do not collect any form of personal data whatsoever. We value the privacy and security of our users.

What to do if TweakBox does not work?

When TweakBox iOS 13 fails to work at any one time you can try to clear browsing data from your smartphone. If this does not resolve the issue, try reading our how to fix download errors guide, or reach our customer support for assistance.

If you need any other update regarding the app, kindly go to the official Twitter handle for regular news and updates.Do not forget to share this content to your friends.

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